Die A Little More

28. listopadu 2007 v 11:39 | Disturbed Angel

Die A Little More

(Music: Sammy - Jason - Theon - Jussi Lyrics: Theon - Jason)
Why didn't I embrace
Those days you spent with me
For now when I look back in time
It's too easy to see
While I lived my dream
I was seeking a fantasy
And here I lie all alone again
Drown in memories
You're so far away from me
I live to love again
But it won't do you any good to see me
When I die a little more
And all the vanity
Has vanished from my world
Just to show me
How I die a little more
I'm bound to stumble
Everytime I try to fly
Can't get up, can't take a breath
I fall down, I cry
No light in the end
Storm after the rain
Only thing that I've got left
Is the blood inside my veins

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